Courses taught:

  • Undergraduate: Intro to microeconomics, Intro to political economy, US growth and distribution seminar
  • Graduate: Introductory econometrics, Macroeconomic accounting

Self designed syllabi and courses:

  • Technology, inequality and economic growth in the 20th Century US economy
    at Eugene Lang College for Liberal Arts.
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    This is a first course on economic growth and distribution for undergraduates. Multiple perspectives on economic growth, the distribution of income and wealth among individuals, classes and factors will be considered with special attention to how the different economic thinkers have thought about some of the longest standing questions about distribution.
  • Global inequality and growth: advanced seminar for students interested in specializing in the economics of inequality with the idea of writing research papers.
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    This course studies the interplay between economic growth, distribution of income and wealth inequality over the long run of history. Our interest here is less (though complementary) on issues of poverty and more on the concentration of economic resources at the top end along the skewed nature of living standards and property ownership under capitalism. In the process we will cover theories and empirical evidence as they relate to both rich and poor countries. Our goal is to not only identify how growth can increase or decrease inequality amongst individuals, between labor and capital, between citizens of different countries but also the origin of tools used to (sometimes successfully) achieve equitable growth.