Research papers


Below is a list of my research papers and ongoing research activity. I usually post a working paper version and a (gated) link to the publication.

Publications/Submissions (see links)

  • Capital and the Hindu rate of growth: Wealth concentration in newly independent India 1961-1986
    SSRN link (no login required) (working paper)
    Media mentions:, Ideas for India, Business Standard
  • Demand driven growth and two class capital distribution with applications to the United States with Christian Schoder and Siavash Radpour
    Revision resubmitted at Structural Change and Economic Dynamics. Link to paper
  • Two class statistical distribution of income in India: Evidence from 2012-13 income tax data
    Economic and Political Weekly, Volume 52 (2017). Link to paper
  • Wage increases, transfers, and the socially determined income distribution in the USA with Lance Taylor, Armon Rezai and Nelson Barbosa
    Review of Keynesian Economics, Volume 5 (2017)Link to paper
    Media mentions: Huffington Post 1  and Huffington Post 2
  • Personal savings from top incomes and household wealth accumulation in the United States: Results from disaggregated national accounts
    International Journal of Political Economy, Volume 45 (2016). Link to paper
  • United States size distribution and the macroeconomy 1986-2009 with Lance Taylor, Armon Rezai, Laura Carvalho and Nelson Barbosa
    Appears in Damill, M., Rapetti, M. and Rozenwurcel, G. eds., 2016. Macroeconomics and Development: Roberto Frenkel and the Economics of Latin America. Columbia University Press. Link to book

Work in progress (some manuscripts may be available on request)

  • The long run metamorphosis of national and private wealth in India 1870-2010
  • Returns to accumulated capital in independent India (ongoing)
  • Temporal evolution of income classes in India since 1990 (ongoing)