Research papers


Below is a list of my research papers and ongoing research activity. I usually post a working paper version and a (gated) link to the publication.

Publications/Submissions (see links)

  • Capital and the Hindu rate of growth: Wealth concentration in newly independent India 1961-1986
    SSRN link (no login required) (working paper)
    Media mentions:, Ideas for India, Business Standard
  • Aggregate demand and long run limits to wealth concentration: A two class model of distribution with applications to the United States.
    Revise and Resubmit at Structural Change and Economic Dynamics. Working paper link
  • Two class statistical distribution of income in India: Evidence from 2012-13 income tax data
    Economic and Political Weekly, Volume 52 (2017). Link to paper
  • Wage increases, transfers, and the socially determined income distribution in the USA with Lance Taylor, Armon Rezai and Nelson Barbosa
    Review of Keynesian Economics, Volume 5 (2017)Link to paper
    Media mentions: Huffington Post 1  and Huffington Post 2
  • Personal savings from top incomes and household wealth accumulation in the United States: Results from disaggregated national accounts
    International Journal of Political Economy, Volume 45 (2016). Link to paper
  • United States size distribution and the macroeconomy 1986-2009 with Lance Taylor, Armon Rezai, Laura Carvalho and Nelson Barbosa
    Appears in Damill, M., Rapetti, M. and Rozenwurcel, G. eds., 2016. Macroeconomics and Development: Roberto Frenkel and the Economics of Latin America. Columbia University Press. Link to book

Work in progress (some manuscripts may be available on request)

  • The long run metamorphosis of national and private wealth in India 1850-2010
  • On wealth, the wealthy, tax-havens and estate taxation: A social contract (ongoing)
  • Temporal evolution of income classes in India since 1990 (ongoing)