Data and programs

When permissible, I will post database files and programs here.

  • (Interactive) Disaggregated macroeconomic accounts of the United States 1986-2009.
    Linked from Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis.
  • Database of US income distribution fitted to the National Income and Production Accounts (NIPA).  Essentially it can show sources of earnings and expenditures for different households (Bottom 20th percentile upto the Top 1%).
    Download here.
  • Top Indian wealth holders (Top 0.1%, Top 0.05%, Top 0.01%) 1966-1986 and portfolio decomposition of the rich and elite (not by fractile). Link coming soon!
  • An agent based simulation of market structure, which models innovation and diffusion of technology. Agents are constrained by rigid networks and Firms innovate using a combinatorial algorithm.
    Hosted at Northwestern University Center for Connected Learning. Link here