Welcome to my academic page where I house my research work & teaching content. I also use this site to publish my economic and social science commentary. All views are solely mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of any institution I am affiliated with.

About me: 

I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at California State University, San Bernardino. Prior to this I was an Economist for the City of New York. I received my PhD in Economics at The New School for Social Research (New York) in May 2017.

I also serve as a part-time external economic advisor at Koan Advisory Group (New Delhi, India) which is a pretty cool policy and political economy consulting firm.

All popular coverage of my work will be linked or cross listed on my blog feed.

You contact me at the following email addresses.

  • rishabh.kumar (at) csusb (dot) edu
  • rishabh (dot) kr1 (at) gmail (dot) com